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Are Your Hotel Amenities Attracting Pests?

By Hope Bowman, Technical Specialist, Western Pest Services

Peak tourist season is around the corner, and Pennsylvania is expecting no shortage of visitors this year. It’s estimated that 190 million domestic travelers visit Pennsylvania annually, with many of them opting to stay in local hotels and lodging.

Unfortunately, the amenities that many guests look for in their hotels, such as swimming pools, spa services, and complimentary breakfast, are not just attractive to potential visitors — they’re also attractive to pests. By understanding the high-risk amenities and taking proactive measures against pests, you can help prevent your hotel from becoming a roach motel.

Here are the key amenities to keep on your radar:

Swimming Pool

With its endless standing water supply and warm, moist environment, a pool is the ideal hangout for pests. Poolside snacks — of the human and food variety — make this amenity even more appealing for flying pests, including mosquitoes, birds, flies, wasps, and bees. To make sure your no-dive zone is also a no-pest zone, follow these basic steps:

Complimentary Breakfast

This amenity is one of the most sought-after in the industry. In fact, according to a survey by Hotels.com, complimentary breakfast is the second most desired amenity after free Wi-Fi. But guests aren’t the only ones who like eating at the buffet. The availability of food is equally appealing to flies, rodents, and stored product pests. Take these precautions:

The Hotel Bar or Restaurant

Many guests seek lodging where they won’t even have to step outside for a quality meal or drink. Indeed, complimentary happy hours are increasing across the industry, as are connected restaurants. But where there is food, there are also pests; after all, no one can resist a free meal. Don’t let a guest find a cockroach scurrying between their glasses and plates. Take these proactive steps throughout high traffic hours and at the end of the evening:

Summer isn’t just busy for your hotel; it’s also the busiest time of year for pests. By working closely with your pest management provider and educating your staff, you’ll be able to help prevent pests before they become a real issue. After all, your amenities should attract more guests — not more pests.

Hope Bowman is a Technical Specialist and Board Certified Entomologist with Western Pest Services, a New Jersey-based pest management company serving businesses and homeowners in major Northeastern markets.