Why Do Ants Come Inside the House?

Food Sources
Ants are attracted to food sources with high sugar and fat content that are often found in home kitchens, such as:

  • Syrups
  • Jellies
  • Cookies
  • Honey
  • Grease
  • Leftover scraps of meat

By leaving a trail of pheromones, scouts can lead the other members of their colony to promising food sources.

Entry Into Homes
The pests are very small and can squeeze their way through tiny cracks and crevices to get indoors.

Some species of ants like carpenter ants actually make their nests inside houses by chewing tunnels in the wooden beams that make up the framework of buildings.

Common Locations to Find Ants in the Home

Kitchens and pantries are where homeowners are most likely to find ants. Worker ants can be seen marching in lines across walls, floors, and counter tops to get to food.

Most of the time, the pests utilize nests in home landscapes and travel inside houses to gather food. Ant nests inside the house can be found in:

  • Wall voids
  • Insulation of appliances
  • Under floorboards

Some species of ants such as pavement ants nest beneath the slab foundation of houses.

Control & Prevention Tips

Regular Maintenance
Maintaining a clean home is the best way to prevent ant infestations, some examples include:

  • Spills: Wipe up spills.
  • Sweep: Sweep crumbs from the floor.
  • Food: Keep sugar, sweets, and syrups in sealed containers.
  • Trash: Take out the trash frequently.
  • Beverages: Do not leave empty soda cans in the house.

Many baits used to get rid of ants in the house are commercially available, but these are often only effective with small populations and may, in fact, draw more ants indoors.


Contact the Professionals
To eradicate ant infestations and ensure that the insects will not come back, residents should call professional extermination services like Western Pest Services.

Our expert pest control technicians are trained to identify the source of infestations, remove ants from homes, and seal up any possible entrances to prevent additional ant problems.

Learn more about Western’s comprehensive Home Pest Control Plans.

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