indian meal moth larva

Do Adult Moths Cause Damage?

While they are easy to spot and often signal an infestation, adult moths don’t cause any damage to clothing or food. The feeding habits of moth larvae are the primary cause of problems from these pests. Whether in kitchens or closets, larvae wreak havoc on belongings. Knowing more about this stage of the insect’s life cycle can limit costly moth damage.

Pantry Moth Larvae

Pantry moths lay eggs in stored cereals and grain. These eggs hatch into moth larvae that eat the surrounding food. Cupboards and pantries where people store pet food, nuts,and cereals are common sites for this type of moth damage.

Sometimes,the pests leave other signs of their presence. For instance, Indian meal moth larvae excrete silk threads. These webs inside stored goods are more noticeable than the tiny moth larvae and serve as a sign of infestation for homeowners.

Clothes Moth Larvae

Since these pests eat plant and animal fibers and fabrics, moth larvae usually live in closets or on upholstered furniture. Holes scattered across the surface of woolen items may indicate a severe infestation of clothes moth larvae.These insects hide from light, which is why finding clothes moth damage is often the first indication of a problem.

Getting Rid of Moth Larvae

Because they frequently go unnoticed, clothes moth and Indian meal moth larvae are hard to control. Homeowners who discover moth damage should contact the pest experts at Western Pest Services. These trained professionals have the experience necessary to get rid of the elusive pests.