picture of a paper wasp

Why Does a Wasp Sting?

Wasps tend to be territorial when it comes to their nests. Since homeowners often run across colonies in wall voids and attics or on home exteriors, staying out of the pests’ way maybe difficult. To make matters worse, many wasps can sense people approaching from several feet away.

If a human or pet gets too close to the nest, wasps will not hesitate to sting. Most varieties in the region can do so more than once, making swarms especially dangerous.

Problems Caused by Wasp Stings

Having a nest in or near the home puts residents at serious risk of a wasp sting. Most victims experience sharp pain and swelling at the site of the injury. People allergic to wasp venom might even go into anaphylactic shock. This can result in death without proper treatment.

Avoiding Stinging Pests

To avoid getting stung by wasps, homeowners should address any nests on their property. However, it’s never wise to attempt control without assistance from a trained professional. Contact Western Pest Services for expert wasp removal.