paper wasps on nest image

Even those minding their own business relaxing outdoors or doing yard work may come into conflict with wasps. These pests show up in lawns, parks, and homes across the country, so many people are curious about what attracts wasps.

What Attracts Wasps to Humans?

Since many types of these pests feed on fruits, meats, and trash, events like picnics and barbecues draw wasps towards people. Sugary drinks are a special favorite. Those who try to shoo wasps away from food often receive a painful sting. for their trouble.

Gardeners are also at increased risk for unpleasant encounters. As some wasp species feed on plant pests, like caterpillars, gardens may attract wasps to humans. In addition, varieties of these stinging insects. that live in the ground may turn hostile as mowers move over their nests.

What Attracts Wasps to Houses?

Sheltered nesting spots on or near homes attract wasps, as well. The insects look for somewhere dry and out of the elements, such as under the eaves of houses or on porch ceilings. Some species of wasps, such as yellow jackets, may also live inside wall voids or attics if they can gain entry.

While wasps generally choose areas away from people to build their nests, favorable conditions attract wasps to homes. Wasps near the house may even wander indoors through open windows or torn screens. To avoid painful stings and unsightly nests, rely on help from the professionals at Western Pest Services to remove wasps safely.