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Bugs That Look Like Mosquitoes

Due to their irritating bite and potential to transmit diseases, many people are afraid of mosquitoes. However, residents often confuse them for other, less harmful insects. There are several bugs that look like mosquitoes, but these pests generally won’t hurt humans or take blood meals.

Crane Flies

This mosquito look-alike has long, fragile legs and a slender body. Crane flies range in size depending on the species, but they may be as small as a few millimeters in length and up to two inches long with a ten-inch leg span. Though they may appear intimidating, these pests are weak flyers that don’t sting or bite.


Mayflies breed and raise their young in still pools of water, just like mosquitoes. Known for swarming in large numbers, the mayfly has striped arms and two to three tails. Their brownish-gray bodies average about an inch long.


These insects are smaller than a grain of rice with dark brown to black coloring. Though they are tiny, gnats and mosquitoes look alike due to their long legs and translucent wings. Additionally, this pest often flies in an erratic pattern, making it easy to overlook one for a fruit fly.

Dealing with a Pest Problem

Mosquitoes can cause diseases such as the West Nile Virus. In general, flying insects of any type can be a nuisance when they get inside homes and businesses. If you suspect you have an infestation, call Western Pest Services and speak to a professional today.

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