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House Flies

House Fly Control: Protect Your Home or Business


  • House flies only ingest liquids, and they cannot bite.
  • Females lay up to 150 eggs at a time and produce several batches over their lifespan.
  • The pests’ life cycle from egg to adult takes about one to three weeks.


House flies are about the size of a pencil eraser. You can distinguish these insects from similar species by their grayish-black color and red eyes. Female house flies lay eggs in decaying matter like garbage, grass clippings, and animal feces. When the larvae emerge, they start eating the surrounding material.
Picture of a House Fly

How Do House Flies Get Inside Buildings?

The simple act of coming in or going out of your home can allow a house fly inside. Torn screens and gaps around doorframes let them in, too. Picking up after pets is important, as dog waste brings house flies to yards. Garbage bins left too close to an entrance also invite the pests indoors.

Dumpsters outside of restaurants and grocery stores attract large house fly populations. Open doors and loading bays allow them inside. Infested produce can also start a pest problem in supermarkets. Gaps and crevices around water lines, gas pipes, or electrical wiring in exterior walls give house flies access as well.

Signs of a House Fly Infestation

  • Swarms – The pests are easy to spot when they buzz around windows, open meal containers, and trash bins.
  • Droppings – House flies leave small dark specks of waste on surfaces.
  • Larvae – Maggots may appear in garbage bags, pantries, and other places where rot or decay can occur.

Problems Caused by House Flies

Homes and apartment buildings offer the pests meals and places to breed. Once inside, house flies can spread illnesses to humans. The insects spend their time eating and laying eggs in decaying food, animal carcasses, and feces. As a result, bacteria, including E. coli and Salmonella, cling to their legs and body. House flies transfer these pathogens to any surfaces they touch.

The pests cause issues for businesses, too. Restaurants and hotels with house fly infestations often have to discard contaminated food and may suffer poor customer reviews when the pests appear in dining areas. Meat rendering and processing plants also have problems with house flies unless all employees follow strict sanitation and preparation procedures.

Prevention Tips

To deter house flies, make sure window and door screens are intact and seal any holes in foundations. Keep dumpsters away from building entrances, and clean up any debris on the ground after trash pickup. If your house fly issues persist, contact Western Pest Services to consult with a technician.

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