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Mosquitoes – Can You Really Prevent Them?

By the time you see a mosquito, you’re already fighting an uphill battle against those annoying little pests. Until there are fully functional mosquito traps, here are a few ways you can help prevent mosquitoes from using your backyard for their own. Listen to our experts here about how YOU should own your backyard – not mosquitoes.

Remove standing water

Bird baths are nice and all, but standing water can become the perfect breeding ground for those biting pests. Consider adding a fountain element to keep the water circulating. But it’s not just deep water. Mosquitoes can breed in just 14 days in a tiny amount of water! Be sure to dump water that has collected from rainstorms or from watering the lawn in anything from potted plants to kids’ toys.

Make yourself less appealing

Drinking a 12-ounce beer makes some people more appealing, and so does emitting more C02 or having more bacteria on your skin — which leads to more body odor. The beer we understand, but the body odor? Oh, mosquitoes, we shake our heads at you. While people with type O blood — a mosquito favorite in one study — can’t change it, they can try wearing a mosquito repellent. A scent that mosquitoes dislike such as Avon’s Skin So Soft Bath Oil (as long as it has IR 3535 in it) is a popular home remedy.

Have preventative maintenance done

A pest control company can do a thorough inspection of your property allowing them to create a detailed program customized to your backyard’s specific needs. But not all pest control is created equal. For example, Western Pest offers an Integrated Mosquito Reduction Service that starts with an inspection and combines it with habitat modification and the use of an adulticide and/or larvicide to help ensure your family stays safe — and unbothered — all summer long.

While you can’t possibly prevent all pests from entering your backyard – after all, it is a backYARD – you can help reduce the amount of pests that visit. Preventative pest maintenance is really your best bet, but being smart about not attracting them is also key. Happy BBQing!

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