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The Health Benefits of the Backyard & How Pest Control Can Help

Do you know the benefits of just going outside? It’s amazing what just a little fresh air can do for you. Having a picnic outside, playing a game of tag, just sitting on the deck and breathing in the fresh air – all of that has health benefits that may surprise you.

Fresh air is good for your digestive system

Fresh air increases the flow of oxygen. But did you know that an increase of oxygen can help you digest food more effectively? And that can aid in losing weight!

Fresh air helps improve blood pressure and heart rate

As long as you avoid polluted areas, slowly breathing in and out fresh air can lower your blood pressure – and therefore your heart rate.

Fresh air makes you happier

The more fresh air you get, the more oxygen you breathe in. That increases the amount of serotonin (the happy hormone) you inhale, consequently making you happier. Hooray for the happy hormone!

Fresh air strengthens your immune system

Apparently, oxygen is pretty important. When you breathe in fresh air, and therefore fresh oxygen, you help white blood cells function properly. Those white blood cells fight and kill bacteria and germs. Kind of important all the time but right now… even more so.

Fresh air cleans your lungs

Breathe in the clean fresh air, exhale airborne toxins! And your lungs dilate more from having an increase of oxygen, so fresh air can help cleanse your lungs.

Fresh air gives you more energy and a sharper mind

You may have noticed after spending time outside, you come back inside feeling brighter and perhaps ready to get back to work. More oxygen results in greater brain function, improving your concentration skills and providing you with more energy.

keep summer pests away

Knowing all of this makes your yard so much more important than we thought. Keep your happiness-inducing place free from pests so you can reap the benefits of fresh air all year long. Having Western Pest Services treat your backyard for mosquitoes and ticks gives you peace of mind that you can enjoy that space without the things pests can bring with them. Of course, you know about the itching and the biting, but more importantly, they can bring West Nile virus, Lyme disease, and many other diseases with them. Give Western a call today and get out in your yard!

Your yard is full of good things. Pests shouldn’t be among them.

Keep your backyard free of pests now.

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