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Most of the spiders in our area are beneficial to the ecosystems – even our own homes. But that certainly doesn’t mean you want them in there with you. The species of spiders in Connecticut range from the small unassuming house spider to the alarmingly large wolf spider all the way to the nasty black widow spider. Some spiders can bite, but mostly they will do so to defend themselves. Of course, the most important bite you need to know about is the black widow bite. While male black widow spiders rarely bite, females may bite in defense, especially after laying eggs – just like any mom, they want to protect their babies! Symptoms of a black widow spider bite include fever, increased blood pressure, sweating, and nausea. Pain is usually almost immediate and reaches its maximum in 1-3 hours. The pain associated with a black widow spider bite may continue for one to three days and then gradually subside. Seek medical attention just in case since you could be allergic and not know it.

Wolf spiders may seem large and intimidating, but they’re truly one of the most beneficial spiders keeping many other insect species population under control – including some other spider species! Daddy long legs are completely harmless to people and pets, but they prey on several poisonous spiders including the black widow. You may not want spiders in your home, but the reason they’re there is that your home has their food source. That’s what is attracting them, so focusing on that can help.

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Spiders – no matter what species – get a bad rap for just being scary looking. In addition, some of them do spin webs that may be out of reach of your broom, making for an unkempt look in your business or home. All spiders are integral in keeping many different pest populations in check. They rarely bother humans and are more afraid of you than you are (or should be) of them. Although what is it called when you’re afraid of spiders? Oh, right – normal! That is usually the reason you don’t want them in the break room or the house with you! If you do have spiders and spider webs, it is an indication that there are other pests (their food) in your home or business. Spider treatments can help but make sure you bring in an expert that will not just help with spider control but with the insects that are attracting the spiders in.
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Spider Control Services in Connecticut

Getting rid of spiders in Connecticut is a job for pest control experts who are most familiar with not only the spider species activity in and around the Constitution State, but what’s attracting them. The local expertise, knowledge, and experience provided by the professionals at Western Pest Services include almost 100 years of controlling and treating for spiders and many other pests in Connecticut. We can help you quickly root out the problems you’re having at your Connecticut home or business.
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