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You may think rodents are only a winter-worry for your business, but if you live in Connecticut, you’re sorely mistaken. Rodents, if given the opportunity, can cause troubles and headaches year-round for businesses. Field mice should be top-of-mind for business owners throughout Connecticut, due to the persistence and prevalence of this particular rodent. The good news is there are simple ways to avoid this issue.

To get further insight into field mice control in the area, we spoke with Western’s Norwalk, CT Branch Manager states, “There is a lot of woodland in this area, making field mice more prevalent. It’s all about exclusion when it comes to these rodents.”

What You Can Do
Close doors and windows. As the temperatures begin to heat up, it may be tempting for employees to open the doors to let a cool breeze in. Unfortunately, doing this allows more than just air in. Field mice will take advantage of any open doors. Be sure employees are keeping doors and windows shut after closing down for the day.

Eliminating food sources. If food is left uncovered or improperly sealed, the likelihood of a rodent issue is raised drastically.

Outdoor maintenance. In Connecticut, many businesses back up to woods or shrubbery. A great way to lower your business’ risk of a field mice problem is by staying on top of landscaping. Eliminate weeds and overgrown vegetation on a regular basis, and always be sure the lawn is taken care of.

Don’t let your business’ guard down in the summer when it comes to rodents. Field mice are a year-round issue. Knowledge and proactive prevention will keep your business safe.

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