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Everything you need to know about pigeons

The standard pigeon has a short neck with a small head. Their short legs with level front and hind toes allow them to perch on branches as well as walk on flat surfaces. Adult pigeons are generally 12-15 inches longs. A pigeon’s normal gait includes a very characteristic motion of the head, appearing to move rhythmically forwards and backwards. Some studies have suggested that this habit aids in stabilizing their visual surroundings.

Pigeons are monogamous birds and mate for life. Both parents incubate the eggs and care for nestlings. The males build nests along coastal cliffs as well as artificial cliffs created by tall urban buildings with accessible ledges and roof spaces. Pigeons do not have natural defense mechanisms to protect against predators. Their ability to fly is the only thing between them and predators on land. Young pigeons and their eggs are also threatened by the exploding population of domestic and feral cats. Despite being on nearly every predator’s menu, pigeon populations are not in any danger of vanishing. Life expectancy varies greatly from 3-5 years through to 15 years dependent on many factors, including natural predation and human interference. You don’t want or need a bird exterminator. You may not want them roosting in and around your home or business, but you also don’t want to hurt them. That’s why you want bird control to help repel and mitigate birds instead.

Not the bird you have?

where do pigeons live

Pigeons are a common sight in urban environments. But, it certainly not uncommon to see them around homes and businesses in more suburban areas as well. Pigeons are one of the world oldest domesticated birds. Seeds form the major component of their diet. Some will eat fruit and take insects and worms. Feral pigeons found in urban areas exist exclusively on a diet of seeds (normally from human sources) and human refuse, such as fast food waste. If you’ve ever walked down the street in New York City or eaten in an outdoor dining area in a New York City restaurant, then you’ve seen how domesticated these birds have become. Seeing them walk right up to diners or swoop in and steal a french fry is not uncommon. So, pigeons live wherever the food is!

how did i get pigeons

Pigeons are commonly found around farm yards, grain elevators, feed mills, parks, city buildings, bridges, and other structures, although they can live anywhere there’s adequate access to food, water, and shelter. And if you have a bird feeder out that’s full of the seeds they seek out, then of course they will be there. Unfortunately, you can’t have a bird feeder and choose the kind of bird it attracts (hummingbirds are the only exception there).

what Problems do pigeons cause

Pigeon droppings can damage your property, discolor building and car paint, ruin wood, clog gutters, stain fabric on outdoor furniture, and even short out electrical equipment. Regardless of temperature, conditions, or noise, pigeons will always be around unless you have a successful bird deterrent plan. They have gotten very used to people and will walk right under your legs in search of their next meal – effectively ruining an outdoor dining experience. Bring us in for bird treatments around your home or business today.

how do i prevent pigeons

If you don’t have a bird feeder, make sure you keep grains and seeds tightly secured and not store them outside. In addition, ensure your trash cans are tightly sealed and you clean up after backyard picnics and BBQs completely. This won’t only remove attractants to pigeons but to many other pests including flies, ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, raccoons, and just about anything hungry! In addition, you can have professional bird mitigation strategies installed around your home by a professional. The last thing you want to do is hurt the pigeons – or any other bird coming around. We have humane ways to encourage them to move along.

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