Cockroach Flight

Fact or Fiction?
Cockroaches have an unsavory reputation that breeds misconception. Much of cockroach fiction is rooted in fact, but the general public is often ill-equipped to separate the truth from outlandish speculation.

For example, people are typically unclear as to whether or not cockroaches are capable of flight. Of the species that populate our service area, including the American, brownbanded, German, oriental, and wood cockroaches, only two can fly.

Which Cockroaches Cannot Fly?

German Cockroaches
German cockroaches are the most common species in the region and have fully formed wings. However, they cannot use these wings for flight.
german cockroach image
American Cockroaches
Similarly, American cockroaches possess wings but do not use them to fly. They can sometimes glide if disturbed from a high resting spot, but American cockroaches are not good fliers.
american cockroach image

Oriental Cockroach
Finally, the oriental cockroach is wingless and cannot fly.
image of an oriental cockroach

Which Cockroaches Can Fly or Glide?

Brownbanded Cockroaches
Brownbanded cockroaches, on the other hand, are capable of flight but only take advantage of their wings in extremely warm environments.

Wood Cockroaches
Male wood cockroaches are strong fliers who are attracted to light. Though they are rarely found infesting homes, this species can be drawn inside by indoor light fixtures.

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