image of oriental cockroaches

Identifying Cockroaches

There are four different types of cockroaches that regularly infest local homes. The pests differ in size and shape, but they all harbor the same risk of contamination. All of these insects are small and flat, with long, forward-facing antennae. The pests have slick, hard-shelled bodies with wings, though they usually do not fly.

American and German Cockroaches

These two species are the most common roaches in the Mid-Atlantic area. Both insects are reddish-brown with thin, spiny legs. Size is the determining factor between these two types of cockroaches. The American cockroach is the larger of the two, typically around one and a half inches long. The German variety is about half as big.

Oriental and Brown Banded Cockroaches

Location and color are the easiest ways to differentiate between these two species. The Oriental cockroach is black and over an inch in length. This pest prefers damp, dark areas and thrives in sewers or basements. The Brown banded cockroach is smaller with light brown coloring. These insects can live anywhere inside a home.

Effective Cockroach Control

Homeowners can limit all types of cockroach infestations by keeping living areas clean. Any crumbs from a meal or used dishes left on a counter provide a feast for the pests. The friendly staff at Western Pest Services is well versed in the removal of all different types of cockroaches.