How Do Flies Get in the House?

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Points of Entry

Flies are generally associated with filth and can enter homes in a number of ways, such as:

  • Through torn screens
  • Gaps in windows and doors

They are typically drawn to locations by the promise of consistent food. Some species of flies lay their eggs in produce that is starting to ferment, so people might bring flies into the home unknowingly after a trip to the grocery store. Other species enter residences through drain and sewer pipes.

Rapid Breeding

Once inside, flies multiply quickly. In some species, one generation can produce thousands of flies at a single breeding site. The pests like to breed in:

  • Garbage receptacles
  • On produce and raw meats
  • Around sink and bath drains

Given their prolific breeding habits, getting rid of flies once they’re inside the home is a monumental task.

Prevention & Control

The most common way to reduce the possibility of attracting fly infestations is practicing proper sanitation.

  • Cover all garbage with tight-fitting lids and empty trash frequently to cut down on potential fly breeding grounds.
  • Store food in sealed containers and refrigerate or freeze appropriately.
  • Consistent cleaning of all soap scum and eliminating areas of moisture build-up can be effective, as well.

Once fly populations get out of control, though, individuals should contact the trained pest professionals at Western Pest.

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