Western’s Termite Baiting Solution

Protect your home with our termite protection technology.

Do I Have Termites?

Termites are tough. Determined. Highly efficient. And chances are you’ll see no evidence of their work until structural damage has been done. Knowing how to spot termites is the first step in taking action.

Common Termites
The most common kind, subterranean termites, live in colonies in the soil. These colonies can be found just below the surface and down to 4 feet; however may be as deep as 12 feet.

Each one is built around a king and queen whose sole job is reproduction. The other members of the colony, including workers, soldiers, and swarmers, each have specific jobs to do as well.

Is it a Termite? Or an Ant?

Maybe your next question is “Who cares?” But it’s important to know, because measures for controlling the two pests vary.

Winged termites are usually only 1/8″ or so in length, have straight antennae and no “waistline.” Their wings are long and of equal length.

Ants are often several times larger. They have elbowed antennae and three distinct body segments with very slim waists. Their front wings are much longer than the back ones. Termites and ants usually break off their wings.

Read more about the differences between termites and ants.

Types of Termites

  • Worker Termites: Worker termites “commute” between the colony and sources of food, including wood fibers and other forms of cellulose. They eat, digest and then share the food with other members of their colony. They keep busy 24 hours a day and rarely break through the surface of wood. Instead they hollow it out from the inside. The vast majority of their work is invisible until something gives way.
  • Soldier termites: Soldier termites are genetically programmed to protect the colony against outside enemies, especially ants.
  • Swarmer Termites: Swarmer termites emerge from the colony all at once. They mate and return to the soil to build new colonies. They are poor fliers and are sometimes seen by the homeowner in or around the home in the spring.

If I Do…Western is here to help.

We don’t see a house. We see a home.
It holds and protects your belongings, your memories, and most importantly, your family. So naturally, you’ll go to great lengths to protect it. And so will we.

Pests can have devastating effects on your home and carry diseases that can harm your family. Western is here to help.

Since 1928, thousands of families have trusted Western Pest Services to provide the highest quality pest control and termite control solutions for their homes. Their confidence in our services and the positive growth of our reputation is a testimony to our dedicated team of professionals.

Termites cause damage to more than 600,000 U.S. homes with losses totaling over $2 billion annually!

Complete termite protection…

When it comes to termites, place your confidence and trust with the professionals at Western Pest Services.
Many pest control companies offer only a baiting program. But this is where their service ends.

At Western Pest Services, we know it takes more than baiting to eliminate termites for good, which is why we attack termites with two additional levels of defense.

Baiting is just step 1. After we bait, we use the Termi-Teller Monitoring Process® to safeguard the foundation of your home. That is step 2. Then, for extra measure, our well-trained technicians will follow through with thorough home inspections to make sure termites are gone for good…step 3.

  • Step 1: Bait Station Monitoring
    State-of-the-art termite bait stations, using the latest in termite baiting technology, are placed by Western at strategic intervals around your home focusing on conducive termite conditions. These environmentally-friendly bait devices are contained in in-ground stations and always available to provide targeted control upon termite detection. This bait is more attractive to termites than wood and the stations stand guard around the clock, always active, as the first line of defense to not only resolve a current infestation, but provide long-term structural protection from new termite colonies through regular service visits and inspection by Western.
  • Step 2: Termi-Teller® Monitoring process
    Areas right next to the foundation of your home are especially susceptible to termite activity. We closely monitor these areas with Western’s Termi-Teller® Monitoring Process. Wooden stakes are set in the soil and are examined periodically for termite damage.
  • Step 3: Interior Inspections
    Our technicians conduct specialized interior inspections to ensure total protection. After all, the largest monitoring device is the structure itself. At Western, we believe it’s not only important to inspect the baiting system, it’s also important to keep a watchful eye on the very thing we are trying to protect…your home.

With Western Pest Services, you’re guaranteed a total termite solution that combines the skill and knowledge of expert technicians with the most advanced technology on the market.

Advantages of Western’s Advanced Baiting Technology

Proactive SystemThe termite bait stations combine the monitor and bait into one durable device within each station providing immediate availability to control termites around the clock, as soon as they are detected.
InconspicuousStations are installed outside your home. There’s no drilling through the floor or foundation. Bait stations blend in with shrubs and other landscaping, then are found and serviced through electronic detection.
Environmentally-Friendly Pest ControlUnique chemistry ensures only termites, and not the environment, are affected by the bait. Termites tunnel out and send others in the colony back to the stations. The bait is ingested solely in the station, limiting its presence in the environment. There are no liquid chemicals.
Continued MonitoringAfter termites are eliminated, the termite bait stations continue to be routinely monitored and serviced, allowing Western to keep a watchful eye on your house and property.
DurabilityThe highly durable and dense termite bait devices stand up against rough weather conditions and additional environmental stress. The bait is contained within the stations and does not leach.
Continuous ProtectionThe termite bait stations detect and prevent future infestations, as time goes by.

Now, look how we back it up.

  • The Best Training
    The training programs for our service technicians are so highly regarded that they are accredited by state agencies. In addition, our technicians receive ongoing “refresher” mini-courses to keep their skills sharp and current.
  • The Best Program
  • The Best Quality
    Western maintains one of the highest ratios of supervisors-to-technicians in the industry. They serve as a quality check to assure that your service is delivered as promised.
  • Unequaled Integrity and Reputation
    Since 1928 Western Pest Services has been solving the most challenging pest problems for homes and businesses, and we work hard to make sure the job is done right. We invite all new clients to visit our offices and call any of our existing accounts for references.

Finally, Look At the Extra Steps We Take For You…

Above Ground Bait Stations
When possible, Western will attach above ground bait stations to mud tubing found within the home. These stations achieve excellent feeding by termites where they feel most protected.

Absolute Respect for Your Home
Western treats your home and property as if it were our own:

  • Debris containing cellulose is removed from your property.
  • After our thorough cleanup, your property is left as clean as when we started.
  • Western provides recommendations for possible conducive conditions to future infestations.

Year After Year Protection… Guaranteed!
As long as your guarantee is in force, we will provide protection against termites by:

  • Carefully examination via our Termi-Teller® Monitoring Process.
  • Carefully examining the Termite bait stations.

Referring a Friend Pays!
Refer a friend, neighbor, anyone and if that referral results in a sale, Western will give you $50 off your Termite Program renewal fee.

In-House Convenient Payment Plan

Rollins Acceptance Company
We know this is an unexpected investment to help protect your home, so we offer a convenient payment solution.


  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Immediate approval at your home
  • Immediate approval at your home
  • 90 days same as cash, approval necessary
  • 100% financing (*if qualified)
  • Very little out-of-pocket expense
  • RAC financing generally doesn’t affect your credit rating

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