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What’s Better to Treat Termites – Bait or Liquid?

No two homes are the same. Whether it’s the construction or the plot of land it sits on, they’re like earth’s little fingerprints.

Once we digest that weird analogy, we can wrap our heads around the reason we used it. There shouldn’t be a cookie-cutter treatment for termites. If no two houses are the same, why would you go down the block doing the same pest control at each house?

You wouldn’t. That’s the upshot. Recent research out of University of Florida has added a lot of insight into how termite treatments work. First listen to why “you have termites” are words you never want to hear. And now: liquid, bait, both – let’s look at the benefits of each to figure out which is the best termite treatment for you.

Liquid Fipronil Treatment

It’s nice to get some immediate satisfaction from a treatment, isn’t it? And fipronil does offer very quick effects – eliminating termites in the treatment area in as little as 7-10 days. But liquid treatment doesn’t work very well away from the areas treated. It will create a protective barrier when applied around the perimeter foundation. It’s a great option for a house that has a significant infestation to get rid of termites quickly and protect the home. However, while you can get rid of those already close to your home and help keep others away, what about the colony that lives in the areas around the house? Let’s go over your termite treatment options:

Bait Treatment

Baits placed strategically around your home use a type of chemical known as Insect Growth Regulators, which interrupt the termites’ ability to become adults. This type of treatment for termites in your home takes a bit longer to eliminate those pests, but that extra time allows individual termites to bring the product back to the colony. This causes full colony elimination in a much larger area around the home. It’s a great option for those who don’t currently have termites but want to ensure that they protect their house from future termite infestations. Still, while the bait is taking its time eliminating the colonies, the termites that have already made their way into the wood around your home are still chewing away. What about those?

Bait Protection with Targeted Treatment

This may be the answer for homes that already have some signs of termite. Applying a targeted treatment with quick-acting products such as liquid treatment, above ground bait stations, foam treatments, etc., Baiting System - Western Pest Services exterminator installing termite baiting systemwhere the little pests are showing themselves will take care of those already causing damage. Installing baits around the house will eventually eliminate the surrounding colonies for full protection. It could even eliminate a colony under your next-door neighbor’s house. You’re welcome, Joneses. Now they need to keep up with you.

Who does it? Thanks to entomologist extraordinaire, Shannon Sked, Western Pest has developed a program recently using the most current scientific research available to create the best form of protection. Based on that research, they are able to assess the home and its property and create the best form of termite control protection. And it does just that. So if you’re wondering how long does termite treatment last, with bats and liquid, it’s year round!

But you have to be careful. The technicians and representatives at Western Pest are highly trained in determining a subterranean termites treatment plan for your home – including their Targeted Defense® termite treatment. Remember – no cookie-cutter plans. Not every company can do that for you – especially with a relatively new strategy like this. We suggest you give Western a call about it.

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