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Dampwood Termite Control: Protect Your Home


What Do Dampwood Termites Look Like?
dampwood termite
Size: Dampwood termite nymphs are up to 3/4 in (20mm) long, swarmers up to 1 in (25mm) long.

Color: Nymphs are cream colored or white. Adults are light brown to reddish in color.

Characteristics: The dampwood termites in these three families vary in appearance, but are in the same habitat group. Most of these species are larger than the eastern/western/subterranean termites.

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  • Damage: These termites invade in the early fall, finding homes in moist areas, and relentlessly eat at the structure of your home, creating extensive damages.


What Do Dampwood Termites Eat?
The dampwood termites diet consists of a variety of different types of soft or damp and decaying wood.


Dampwood termites are not subterranean, and do not require contact with damp ground (except for desert dampwood termites). They do need damp wood, such as that in contact with the ground or constant moisture. They do not usually burrow in soil.

Swarming time varies depending on the family. Check locally known species for specific information on swarming time.

Swarmers excavate a chamber in wood, enter, seal it off, mate, and the female (queen) lays eggs. There is no worker caste; immatures do the work.


  • Hollow Wood: Check for walls that sound hollow in places – this is evidence of tunneling.
  • Visable Damage: Check for evidence of damage to structure.
  • Furniture: Examine wooden objects, like furniture, since they often reside there.
  • Tunnels: These pests can burrow tunnels into wood structure of your home.
  • Seasonal: Look for them in the fall months.

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