How Do You Get Termites?

In most of the country, termites are a natural part of insect life in the soil. While they can be helpful composters, the pests will also target wooden structures as a food source.

Even if they can’t reach timber directly, termites will build tubes from mud, saliva and feces to gain access. Once the insects enter a yard, they frequently move on to attack the house.

What Causes Termites in the Home?

Certain conditions around the yard and house make termites more likely to invade. To deter the pests, residents can:

  • Keep firewood piles, mulch, and debris far from the house.
  • Ensure that structural wood in homes does not touch soil or use treated lumber.
  • If you find mud tubes, immediately have Western inspect the area.
  • Seal cracks and openings in building foundations.

Termite Treatment

These hardy pests are difficult to remove once they establish a nest nearby. Without experience and knowledge of what causes termite problems, most control methods will prove ineffective. Homeowners dealing with an infestation should not hesitate to call the experts at Western Pest Services for help with termites.