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Pictures of Mosquitoes

What Do Mosquitoes Look Like?

Mosquitoes are biting insects found worldwide. These pests have slender bodies with six legs and narrow wings. They have long, needle-like mouthparts used for piercing the skin and sucking blood. The two most common species in the Mid-Atlantic states are the northern house mosquito and the Asian tiger mosquito.

Mosquito Photo Gallery

Knowing the difference between a mosquito and similar-looking pests is important because some mosquitoes can carry harmful diseases. Less dangerous pests, such as crane flies and mayflies, do not bite but live in the same habitats. Here are some pictures of mosquitoes to help you visualize how these insects look.
image of a mosquito

Mosquitoes can be white, gold, dark brown, gray, or black in color

image of a mosquito pictures of mosquitoes mosquito pictures and mosquito images

A mosquito feeding on a human

picture of a mosquito

In this mosquito photo, you can see the pest’s colorful eyes

photo of a mosquito

The difference between a mosquito and other biting flies are their needle-like mouthparts

image of a mosquito

The mosquito’s mouth is also known as a proboscis

picture of a mosquito

A mosquito resting on a person

This mosquito image offers some size perspective. Compared to the human hair, the pest is quite small. Full-grown mosquitoes can be up to three-quarters of an inch long, but they are lightweight so you may not notice if one lands on you.

Mosquito Larvae
photo of mosquito larvae

A surface-view of mosquito larvae in water

picture of mosquito larvae

Mosquito larvae in the water

image of mosquito larvae

Underwater close-up view of mosquito larvae

Mosquito larvae are tiny and can develop in a puddle filled with less than two inches of water. They have worm-like bodies with dark-colored heads and no legs. This pest uses a tube-like structure on the end of its body to breathe while upside-down beneath the water’s surface.

Asian Tiger Mosquito

image of asian tiger mosquito

Asian tiger mosquitoes have a black body with white stripes on the legs and abdomen

image of asian tiger mosquito

The Asian tiger mosquito measures around a quarter-inch long

picture of asian tiger mosquito

photo of asian tiger mosquito

Asian tiger mosquitoes in their water habitat

Water is necessary for the development and life cycle of a mosquito, so these pests frequent stagnant pools and marshes where they can breed and lay eggs. You may spot them around your home if you have standing water, such as in birdbaths, kiddie pools, or yards with poor drainage.

Mosquitoes can bite people and pets, leaving itchy, irritating bumps, and sometimes causing more severe reactions in those who are allergic. This pest breeds quickly and infests both homes and commercial spaces. Mosquitoes are also considered one of the most dangerous animals on earth because they carry and spread a variety of deadly diseases including the West Nile virus, yellow fever, malaria, and most recently, Zika virus. If you have mosquitoes on your property, contact Western Pest Services to help take care of the problem.

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