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OE-30 Floor Enzyme

Take control of your floors and drains. Use Western OE-30 Floor Enzyme.

The buildup of grease and bacteria in drains, on floors and under heavy equipment is one of the leading causes of unsanitary conditions and work-related accidents in establishments. Worse still, the detergents and cleaning methods you’ve come to trust are actually doing more harm than good. At Western, we offer a unique solution: a liquid cleanser called OE-30 that breaks down grease and grime instead of covering it up. It’s just another reason why when you work with Western, you can Consider It Done.

A Safer Floor

When water, grease and detergents mix, they react to form a thin polymeric coating, creating extremely hazardous conditions. OE-30 systematically attacks grease and waste buildup with a specialized blend of liquid bacterial cultures, surfactants and enzymes. Testing shows that floors cleaned with OE-30 are not only visibly cleaner, but also significantly less slippery.

Removes Odors

Over time, grease and grime in drains, on grout, and under heavy equipment can lead to foul odors. The unique formulation of OE-30 literally digests this grease and has been proven to reduce odors by 65%.

Fewer Flies

Areas where grease and bacteria buildup are breeding grounds for fruit flies and drain flies. Studies have shown that by breaking down grease and bacteria instead of simply covering it, OE-30 can reduce the number of flies by 72%.

Saves Money

Why spend money on floor and drain cleaning maintenance programs that temporarily mask the problem? OE-30 will clean floors, clear drains, reduce associated odors, and less flies all for the cost of only one product.

Customized Cleaning

On the initial visit, technicians will carefully inspect your facility and identify any problem areas for grease buildup. A customized OE-30 Program will be recommended to tackle your specific needs.

The buildup of grease and bacteria affects businesses on many levels.

OE-30 is a revolution in facility sanitation. It’s a unique solution of liquid ingredients that actually degrades grime by breaking down its organic compounds. It’s noncorrosive, nontoxic, nonpathogenic, easy to use, and greatly reduces grease, bacteria and their associated foul odors. The buildup of grease and grime affects businesses on many levels, and the OE-30 program successfully deals with each of them.

System of Treatment

Upon the first visit, a technician will carefully inspect your facility for any unsanitary areas with buildup. A custom OE-30 program will be recommended to tackle the problem.

OE-30 needs multiple applications to penetrate small cracks. It’s easy to use and apply, but can NOT be mixed with any other chemicals.

Three options for use:

  • Mix with mop water
  • Spray on full strength
  • Use convenient wall dispenser to mix OE-30 for you

Training and Expertise

Every Western technician is highly trained and knowledgeable in the many applications and benefits of OE-30. Using that expertise, they will provide you and your employees with the initial training needed to make OE-30 work for your business.

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