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How to Protect Against Geese

Geese are a protected species, but that doesn't mean you have to put up with them around your business. You need a company that knows and respects the laws and regulations while still being able to encourage them to move on. We use an all-natural, non-toxic product that will give any geese, including Canadian Geese, a small belly ache. Small enough not to hurt them, but big enough that they will naturally not come back to feed there. No food, no settling down.

How Western Helps

Nearby goose control services can be hard to find, but you've come to the right place for help with geese in the Mid-Atlantic region. The non-toxic product we use will repel the geese that are already around your business and will deter future geese from making your lawn their home. All that while being safe to use around people and pets with no damage to your landscaping. The best part is even though a lot has changed with geese, they will never get used to it like they will get used to decoys, loud noises, and other kinds of goose deterrents.

There are plenty of reasons to control geese. Besides the fact that goose droppings are disgusting, they can also be a liability should someone slip and fall on your property. If not cleaned up, the acid in the droppings can actually corrode through the toughest materials – including your concrete walkway – not to mention the fact that one goose can eat about two pounds of grass a day. Whatever you're paying for landscaping is a loss at that point. And should geese create a nest nearby, just like all moms, they can become aggressive to protect it. Learn more about why you need goose control here.

  • Slip and fall hazard
  • Ruined landscaping and walkways
  • Can become aggressive
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