Spotted Lanternfly Control

Dealing with them in the early stages before they can do the damage.

Spotted Lanternflies are an invasive planthopper insect that originated from northern China and was introduced to the U.S. (originally found in Reading, PA) in 2014. They have since spread to several surrounding states and, without proper control, could continue their expansion. The Tree-of-Heaven is their primary host, but the pests can do serious damage to over 65 other plants including grapevines and roses as well as black walnut, birch, and several other varieties of trees. Large populations of spotted lanternflies can kill off whole trees or plants, hopping to the next one as a swarm to do the same, not to mention aggravate visitors and guests around your business, restaurant, or in your park. You can also listen to our experts here about these strange pests and a few others. We will scrape any eggs we can get to and mark those trees where the eggs are too high to reach. Those trees will be sprayed to take care of the pest at the nymph stage.

  • Have already spread through 4 states and counting
  • Can cause serious damage to over 65 plants
  • Can kill a plant then hop to the next one to do the same
  • A swarm of them can come together to kill a whole tree
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