Termite and Pest Control in the Wilmington, DE Area

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We provide the Wilmington area with top-notch pest control.

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Pests in the Wilmington area can do more than just annoy you — termites can damage wooden structures, bed bugs can invade your bedrooms, and other pests like rodents can spread diseases. If you have issues with these pests in Wilmington, you should address them immediately. Give us a call — we're happy to provide quality pest control service to our neighbors.

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Termite Control

Termites damaging your home? We'll get them out and keep them from causing more damage. Let's get to work.
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Rodent Control

Furry invaders terrorizing your home? Not for long. Our team of experts can get the mice and rats gone fast.
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Q: What are the most common pest issues that home and business owners face in the area?

A: Ants, cockroaches, and rats.

Q: How do the seasons affect pest activity around Wilmington?

A: Change of season determines which pests are active. Different climates affect pest activity differently as well.

Q: What are some common signs of pest activity around homes and commercial properties?

A: Droppings, chewed wood, and moved or damaged vent covers or screens.

Q: When should property owners call Western Pest Services?

A: Give us a call at the first signs of intrusion.