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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you don't pay until you are 100% satisfied. We are able to offer you that guarantee because we stand behind our expertise in the pest control industry.

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Retail store owners and operators must be proactive when it comes to protecting inventory, employees, and customers from pests and bacteria. From supplier deliveries to unseen structural gaps, there are multiple ways pests can sneak into your business — and once they’re inside, they’ll start chomping away at your bottom line. Our entomologists can not only identify the pest, they can trace back to where they could be coming from to take care of that, too. We all know that bacteria, viruses, and germs can walk in with any customer. That’s why Western® offers Western PurClean™ disinfecting and sanitizing treatment in addition to expert pest service. We can even help bring scent marketing to your store with our scenting services. Get more information here about how a pleasant scent can not only make people stay in your store longer but may even encourage them to spend more .

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Rodents, roaches and flies are common invaders at retail stores. Each of these pests poses a risk for infestation, which is why Western will help you stop them early and implement a comprehensive prevention plan.

Pest Control in Retail Stores

As foot traffic increases in Mid-Atlantic retail stores, so does the potential for pest problems. Open doors, product deliveries, and customers themselves can bring flies, bed bugs, and other pests into your store. Protecting the health and safety of customers and employees is crucial to your business, and an integrated pest management system can help you achieve that goal.

Common Pests in the Retail Industry

Bed bugs can be a serious issue in retail shops, particularly for clothing and furniture stores. Once these blood-drinking insects enter your store on customers' clothes or in product returns, they can spread throughout the entire building and even travel home with employees. Bed bugs typically hide in mattress seams and bed frames, and accidentally selling infested items to shoppers can severely damage your company's reputation.

Mid-Atlantic retail stores also contend with flies. Some flying pests come into stores through open doors or windows, while fruit flies can breed on food items in retail environments that sell grocery products and filth flies are attracted to trash bins, garbage chutes, dumpsters, and other waste storage areas. Flies can bother customers and even spread a variety of diseases.

Entry Points & Prevention

Retail stores have many points of entry for pests to exploit. Some pests can hitch a ride in on customers or product shipments, while other pests can fly in through an open window or come in through the plumbing. Western Pest Services offers pest control solutions for retail businesses to help protect your shoppers, workers, and reputation.

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