Pictures of Bees

Bee Photo Gallery: Pictures of Bees for Home Identification Purposes

Images of common bees found around the home for home pest identification.

Honey Bees

Honey bees generally have a hairy thorax with less hair on the abdomen itself. The legs and head are dark brown or completely black.

Picture of Honey Bee with Pollen
Close-up profile image of a honey bee

Top View of Honey Bee
Top view picture of a honey bee

Honey Bee on Flower
Honey bee pictured on a flower

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Carpenter Bees

Unlike bumble bees, carpenter bees have very little hair on the abdomen. Additionally, adult females have stingers while males do not.

Carpenter Bee on Flower
Carpenter bee pictured on a flower

Up Close Picture of Carpenter Bee
Top view picture of a carpenter bee

Carpenter Bee on Flower
Front view of a carpenter bee

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Bumble Bees

Bumble Bee Flying
A bumble bee pictured in flight

Bumble Bee on Flower
Close-up image of a Bumble bee on a flower

Bumble Bee on Flower
Profile photo of a bumble bee resting on a flower

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