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Alll About Bees: Information on Identification, Hives & Stings

When it comes to bee infestations around your home or commercial property, always be cautious and get professional help. Nest removal can be dangerous, and some bee species need preservation due to their dwindling numbers. At Western Pest Services, we created this bee information guide to help you keep your family, employees, and customers safe from painful stings while still keeping the bees safe, too.

Our blog series contains bee facts to help you identify bees in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, and Pennsylvania based on their appearance, behavior, and nest construction or location. Misidentification can have dangerous consequences, so it’s important to have clear pictures and fact-based information when dealing with these insects.

Our trustworthy bee informational guide can help you tell the difference between bees and other insects. Bee stings do hurt, and many people can have severe reactions that require medical attention. Think you might have an infestation in your home or business? Be safe and call in the experts by contacting Western Pest Services for a free inspection.

Pictures of Bees

Types of Bees

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Bumble Bees vs. Honeybees

Honey Bee


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