Bird Control & Deterrent

Bird watching is nice, but not in your business.

How to Protect Against Birds

Open windows, doors, and shipping/receiving docks are like a big welcome sign to birds. And once they're inside, it's hard to get them out. Your building is probably pretty attractive to birds with all that warmth and shelter. High ceilings are even more attractive since they can nest there safely. The best thing you can do is keep birds out in the first place. That's where we come in. Our bird deterrent work will help keep birds like pigeons, starlings, and sparrows out of your building.

How Western Helps

Nests located inside, on roofs, or in the eaves of facilities are a health hazard for both employees and consumers. Nests are also a draw for a variety of insects and ectoparasites that cannot be tolerated in any facilities handling food products, whether it's processing it or storing it. Western employs Pest Prevention Pre-requisite Programs that emphasize training, hazard analysis, cGMPs, and preventive controls for ongoing pest management – including birds.

Bird droppings help promote the growth of the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum, the spores of which can, when inhaled, result in histoplasmosis, a respiratory disease. Birds are associated with over 60 human pathogenic diseases. Salmonella bacteria is found in pigeons, sparrows, and starlings, all of which commonly invade food production and storage facilities. The illness can be spread to humans when infected bird droppings come in contact with food, either from above or when the Salmonella organisms are carried on the feet or bodies of birds, transferring them wherever they land.

  • Associated with over 60 human pathogenic diseases
  • Illnesses they bring can spread to humans
  • Can transfer Salmonella organisms wherever they land
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