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100% pest control satisfaction guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your guests expect satisfaction – why should you be any different? Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed or you pay nothing until you are. We stand behind our ability to help eliminate the pests that can plague your industry.

Online Customer Portal

Our online customer portal makes your hotel's pest management simple. Monitor applied treatments, pay invoices, and review reports on your schedule.

Discreet Treatment

We know how sacred your hotel's reputation is, and even though pest control is important, your guests don't need to know about it. Our technicians know what it takes to provide you with discreet treatments that are also effective.

On-Staff Entomologists

Board Certified entomologists support our technicians so that your hotel's pest control is consistently top-notch. That in addition to continuously training our technicians means you are being serviced by the most educated team in the industry. Learn more about them here.

  • Proactive and eco-friendly solutions
  • Discreet service and flexible scheduling
  • Full-service bed bug solutions including proactive treatment plans
  • Cleaning and maintenance audits
  • In-house staff training by our entomologists
  • Easy-to-read logbooks and reports

As a hospitality professional, you know one poor review can cause long-term damage to your business, especially when it involves pest activity. We provide Integrated Pest Management solutions for your business, complete with operational audits and on-site staff training to make sure to catch introductions before they become infestations. Our treatments and inspections include the outside of your building by treating for mosquitoes and employing bird mitigation strategies . We will also inspect all floor drains to see if you could benefit from bioremediation services. Worried about bed bugs? Our team of highly-trained canines detect bed bugs with 90-95% effectiveness at time of inspection – the highest level currently validated – and can inspect up to 125 rooms a day. In addition, the Western Total Bed Bug Solution employs the latest techniques to quickly and effectively remove bed bugs from your property, including heat, targeted applications, and proactive solutions like Bed Bug Pro365™. And re-opening your doors is possible with a full sanitizing and disinfecting service from Western Pest Services. Not only can Western PurClean™ help you start from scratch, but you can also have the treatment done as many times as you need or want. Should your hotel have a high-end restaurant, we can help with our White Linen Program. We can even help you use scent marketing to your advantage with our scenting services!

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Bed bugs, rodents, cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes are frequent visitors to hospitality properties, and you need a pest management partnership you can trust to keep them from checking in. Pests are more than just a nuisance—they spread disease and hurt your bottom line. Western’s team provides tailored treatment plans for your specific needs, helping keep pest activity low and guest experience high. Learn more about the industry’s most common pest threats:

Pest Control in Hotels

A high rate of indoor and outdoor foot traffic makes it easy for pests to find their way into hotels, motels, and bed & breakfasts. Once inside, insects and rodents can disrupt your business and even scare off guests. Western employs integrated pest management programs in the hospitality industry to help protect your reputation and property as well as your guests and employees.

Common Hotel Pests

Rodents are a common pest in the hospitality industry. Mice and rats can squeeze through tight spaces like narrow pipes and gaps around doors. Along with chewing on power cords and product packaging, a mouse or rat can also contaminate food and surfaces with their waste. Rodent saliva, fur, and dander can also cause allergic reactions in your staff and guests.

Bed bug infestations are another serious pest control problem facing the hotel industry in the Mid-Atlantic region. After hiding in bed frames and mattresses all day, these insects come out at night to bite sleepers and feed on their blood. Bed bugs also hitch rides in your hotel on clothes and luggage and can spread to other rooms as well as go home with guests. A negative review about bed bugs can do serious damage to your reputation.

Entry Points & Prevention

Commercial pest control for the hospitality industry lowers the risk of infestations. Pest control solutions for businesses like hotels and motels include teaching your cleaning staff the signs of bed bugs including stains on mattresses and linens and sealing cracked foundations to keep rodents and insects outdoors. Staff training on safety and sanitation in all aspects of your hotel including delivery vehicles, kitchens, guest rooms, and dining areas is crucial, too.

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"The General Manager Jason Wojna and Field Supervisor Vincent Cicileo have conducted several onsite trainings with the management team, along with line level associates. The team at Western Pest is very well experienced in their line of work."

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