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Museums not only suffer from the everyday pests you may think of, but they can also be subject to unique pest pressures. Silverfish can do damage to paper and books, mice and rats can and will chew through almost any material to make nests and migrate through your building, and your cafe or restaurant can be home to flies and cockroaches in places that you might never suspect. The most important pest control strategies for a museum are built into Integrated Pest Management or “IPM” programs. The IPM solutions we use are meant to keep pests away from your visitors and collection in the first place. While a negative review about pests in your museum can hurt a reputation, the items in your museum may very well be one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable. The risk of damage to artifacts is high depending on the pests that are present. We understand that and act accordingly – offering a variety of monitoring, inspection, and control options for pests like carpet beetles and clothes moths. But you need more than just pest control. With more people coming and going, we can offer you a professional Western PurClean™ disinfectant treatment. The window cling we provide you after the treatment will announce to the world that your museum is safe to walk into. We can even help neutralize the odors coming from dumpsters, garbage areas, and restrooms with our scenting services. We’re more than just pest control.

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When considering the most common pests you could see at a museum, be sure to think about both the inside and the outside of your building. Outdoor areas including picnic tables are at different risk than your halls and snack bar. Learn more about the most common pests that can threaten your museum, your guests, and your reputation:
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