Commercial Ant Control

Ant control is an essential for many industries, especially those who make their living via food and customer service. At certain times of the year, ants can be persistent, and that’s where Western’s commercial pest control team comes in. Leveraging insights on ant biology, habits, and attractions, we eliminate ants and their causes.

Western’s Expert Ant Control Program

Every ant is different, which is why you need expert help in the case of persistent infestations. Attempts at DIY ant control can easily backfire, scattering and complicating effective ant control. We start with positive identification of the ant species and then use that knowledge to fight back by developing a specific control program designed to eliminate the ant species involved.

  • Finding ant entry points: Cracks, gaps, and holes allow for easy entry into your building
  • Identifying ant attractions: From food to water, we find out what ants are seeking in your facility
  • Targeted application of ant control materials: Once we ID the ant, we take a strategic approach to ending the infestation

Signs of an Ant Problem

Ants themselves may be the best sign of a problem – and if you see a few, more are likely to follow.

  • Ant trails heading in from gaps and cracks
  • Presence of ants in food items or storage areas
  • Damage to wood in the case of carpenter ants

Ant Damage

Ant problems can be relatively benign or problematic depending on the species and location within your business:

  • Food spoilage
  • Wood damage from tunneling carpenter ants
  • A strange odor when odorous house ants are crushed
  • Poor customer perception of your cleanliness and upkeep
  • Food and food container contamination