German Cockroaches in New Jersey

Watch for German Cockroaches in NJ

Businesses, be on alert: while German cockroaches emerge all throughout the year, they are especially prevalent in the greater Randolph, NJ area right now. As we head into fall in North Jersey, a time during which focus is often on rodents, restaurants and establishments that serve food must be on the lookout for this crafty invader.
image of german cockroaches
Diminutive and adept at entering buildings through the smallest of gaps, German roaches seek out warm places to stay. Outdoors, dropping temperatures can kill German cockroaches, but in the warm interior of a food-production facility, for example, they can survive – or even thrive.

If you’re experiencing issues with roaches, Marc Buck, Western Branch Manager in Randolph, NJ recommends reviewing your internal practices. Roaches can be introduced with janitorial or food shipments, and are often tracked in with employees as well. Regular inspections (including employee lockers), a re-emphasis on cleaning procedures, and professional monitoring will go a long way.

“Years ago, methods were more reliant on applications to address infestations,” Buck says. “Whether there is an infestation or not, Western focuses on the root causes.”