Commercial Rodent Control & Removal

Rodent control is an all-year need, and in recent years, we’ve seen steady problems. Proactive commercial pest control is the best, most efficient way to defend against these clever invaders. Not only can rodents alarm customers; they can rack up damage to stored goods, while introducing disease risk. Western’s commercial pest control team can help.

Western’s Expert Rodent Control

Western’s proven commercial rodent control approach enforces a strict line of defense.

  • Exclusion & monitoring: Smart use of exterior monitoring stations
  • Strategic bait placements: Pest exclusion limits the use of materials
  • Sanitation checks: We train client teams through in-service sanitation sessions

Rodent Signs

Rats and mice look for the same things humans seek: food, warmth, water, and shelter. Check your property for:

  • Droppings: A trail of rodent droppings is typically found in commercial kitchens, pantries, and food storage rooms, along walls, on top of wall studs or beams, in boxes and bags, in closets and storage areas, and especially near food
  • Noises: Rodents often make scurrying and squeaking sounds, especially at night, as they move about and nest.
  • Gnaw marks in furniture or walls. New gnaw marks tend to be rough to the touch and when found on wood, tend to be light in color.
  • Damaged food packages: All rodents, including the common house mice and Norway rats will feed on just about anything, including: open cereals and seeds, as well as meat, fish, and other food.
  • Teeth marks or holes in food storage or cardboard containers
  • Grease markings on the walls
  • Burrows & nests: inside, rodents often nest in various materials such as insulation, and they are drawn to areas that are dark and secluded. Pay special attention to the areas of your business that receive the least amount of traffic, like storage closets and basements.

Rodent Dangers & Damage

Along with physical damage to your commercial property, rodents can introduce numerous risks to your facility:

  • Spread of disease and illness
  • Reputation damage
  • Property damage
  • Failed inspections
  • Possible financial loss

Scanning Technology Puts Rodents on the Defense
Fighting rodents in a food-processing facility takes time, energy, and expertise – and recent advances in the field of commercial pest control are starting to make a real difference. Western’s ScanPro technology has upped the game in commercial rodent control, which is good news for food accounts with many rodent attractions and a serious need to keep them out.

With Western’s scanning technology, each rodent monitoring station is bar-coded. When a technician checks in, they open the station and scan it, immediately updating online records to capture what is found. Over time, this provides serious trending insight, as patterns of infestation are captured. That means better, more targeted strategies can be implemented to efficiently get rodent problems under control.

From Your Commercial Pest Control Specialist: “The great thing about our scanning technology is that if an auditor comes in, they can instantly access all of the client’s account information online.” – Billie Carberry, Director of Sales

With ScanPro, customers also have 24/7 access to their records, and can be as actively engaged as they wish. Information can be presented in easy-to-read charts, which makes report generation easier than ever before. It’s another tool in Western’s commercial rodent control arsenal that makes service more effective and easier to track.