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wojnar image Western is the most trusted and referred pest control company in South Jersey, keeping residents and business owners pest, and worry free.– Fran Wojnar, Branch Manager

Branch Manager Spotlight: Fran Wojnar

How does the weather in your region impact pest activity?
Weather can impact pest activity in many ways. Weather can impact and cause inconsistent activity levels such as an early swarm of termites or a late swarm. Likewise, all living things need moisture. If the weather is extremely dry, we may see more activity from insect seeking refuge or moisture on the inside of a home. A heavy rain season can cause an increase in mosquito activity. Having a good pest control company on your side will go a long way to help keep these pests at bay.

What are some of the most common pests encountered in homes in your area?
The most common pests found in homes in our area are odorous house ants. Odorous house ants may start outside, but can actually create a nest on the interior of your home. Along with a solid pest service, cleaning up any food or crumbs as well as keeping counters and floors clean and dry will help eliminate the problem.

What is the most unusual pest encountered in your area?
Rats problems are uncommon in our area. While we do have the occasional rat service call, we don’t often find a full blown infestation. Cooperation from homeowners and businesses to remove clutter, piles of timber, trash and debris will help solve the problem. Rat issues usually take a little more time to resolve since rats are very smart and often shy. They are sometimes suspicious of new things placed in their environment such as rodent control stations.

Any tips for homeowners in your region?
Don’t wait if you have a pest problem. Problems are easier to solve if we begin treatment early. While a couple ants may not be cause for alarm, it is better for us to come take a look early so we can diagnose and start treatment before it gets out of hand.

Which commercial pests cause the most issues in your region?
Our branch is about 60% commercial in terms of our clients, and we find a wide range of common pests: rodents in warehouses, bed bugs in apartments and assisted living facilities, drain flies in restaurants, termites. Our area is mostly suburban in nature, although we also provide pest control in Camden.

What are some of the greatest pest control challenges?
Often, it’s getting cooperation. People find a pest, and they just want it gone. But for pests like bed bugs in apartments, failure to prepare for treatment can cause delays. Clutter is usually the issue, and there are so many places where a bed bug can hide. It’s important to have the rooms cleared out.

Sometimes, also, by the time we get in there the problem has been going on for a while. Sometimes people try to solve the problems on their own, and end up making it worse.

Is clutter an issue when servicing other types of accounts?
Sometimes we see it with supermarkets, where rodent control and roach control are priorities. In many, cases, roaches can actually be brought in with the employees – German cockroaches, in particular.

Of special importance is the debris and food that accumulates under the store shelves and in the storage areas away from where customers shop. Incorporating frequent cleaning programs keep debris and food waste at a minimal level.

This is another area where cooperation with the general and facility managers is important. They have a lot of stock going in and out, so the doors are always open. There are often structural issues as well. It all depends on the chain, though. Some are very cooperative, and we’ll work with them to make changes that help control problems.

Cherry Hill / Maple Shade Pest Pressure

Residents of Cherry Hill, NJ, may encounter a variety of pest species resulting from a multitude of factors. For one, the city stands as a large urban center, with over 70,000 residents living and working in numerous industries. Together with commuting to nearby Camden and Philadelphia, the influx of people and pests remains tantamount to daily life. With humid summers comes the arrival of increased mosquito populations. Mosquitoes bring various diseases dangerous to humans, especially when populations are left unchecked. As temperatures cool and move toward winter, home invaders such as rodents, cockroaches, and ants may gravitate indoors seeking new food sources and shelter. Contact Western Pest for rodent and pest control services near you.

When pest incursions move indoors, the threat of disease and damage become possibilities. Rats and mice are known carriers of pathogens that can be harmful to both humans and household pets. Home-invading pests may also cause structural damage, ruin insulation, and chew through electrical wiring. In the urban center, birds can also cause issues, as pigeons and starlings may disrupt businesses with nesting habits and even bring along various disease-causing bacteria such as salmonella. Finally, in large urban areas like Cherry Hill, the possibility of bed bugs remains plausible, as the parasitic insects hitch rides on the clothes and luggage of travelers and may also be found in hotel mattresses and furniture.

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Western Pest is a longstanding pest control company serving the Eastern United States. We offer residential and commercial pest control services near you, including termite protection, bed bug control, and rodent removal. Our comprehensive service offerings also include our Home Protection Plan, a year-round program designed to keep pests out for the duration. If a pest infestation occurs in your home or business, trust Western Pest to take care of the problem safely and effectively.