When Construction Lets in Pests

When construction has begun on a building, whether you’re building from the ground up, making repairs, or putting on addition, there is no doubt that this allows for heightened pest pressures. Holes and gaps throughout a structure are what any number of pests may be seeking, especially as the weather cools down and they search for warm places to overwinter.

“Specifically in urban areas, all of the utilities come in from the road and into the building. Sometimes, these aren’t sealed properly, construction 300x199 When Construction Lets in Pestsespecially during construction,” explains Ed McConnell, Western’s Paramus, NJ Branch Manager.

Plumbing and electrical entry points are often where pests make their way indoors, so during times of construction it is incredibly important to keep this in mind. Once they’ve made their way inside, it is often difficult to get them out.

If you are experiencing issues with pest control during construction, be sure to contact a pest professional as soon as possible.