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Servicing Pennsylvania customers from our three pest control locations, Western understands how to eliminate PA pest problems. In the business since 1928, we provide guaranteed solutions for common pest invaders like ants, roaches, rodents and stinging insects. We also provide innovative service for unique pests like stink bugs and bed bugs.
From Philly to the suburbs and well beyond, Western is your trusted partner for PA pest control.

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Odorous House Ants Invade

What’s in a name? Apparently a lot especially when it comes to Odorous House Ants. These pests give off a strong, coconut-like scent when they are crushed and are incredibly difficult to get rid of once they have started a colony, and in areas like West Chester and eastern Pennsylvania, homeowners are seeing a ton of them.

We recently met up with Curtis Pratt, Western’s Residential Termite Supervisor of the Newtown Square branch, who said he’s been getting a lot of calls from homeowners who are seeing these pests in their kitchens, bathrooms, garages and throughout the exterior of their home.

These pests’ colonies can range from 100-10,000” in size, and the longer you wait to take action, the larger the population will get, making it a matter of weeks before the area can be cleared.

Odorous house ants can creep into exposed soil and cracks in walls, hide underneath sinks and gather throughout your kitchen wherever they can find leftover crumbs, sweets or spilled drinks.  They can even make nests in piles of leaves in your gutters creating a path for them to run across your roof and get inside.

Mayfield warns against using hardware store DIY treatments because products like Raid and other sprays can splinter colonies and spread them out making the problem exponentially worse.

Philly Battles Serious Bed Bug Issues

Bed bugs are a problem everywhere, with bed bug extermination calls coming in from throughout Western’s service area. Bed bugs in Philadelphia, however, have gotten serious, with near daily calls, according to Paul Filardo, Western’s S. Jersey / Philly Sales Manager.

“Bed bugs can happen anywhere,” Filardo says, “but we’re in Philadelphia every day servicing high rises, hotels and other properties.”

Why is Philly so challenging? The problem Filardo often sees is that by the time bed bug exterminators are called in, problems have already spiraled out of control, which makes an infestation much more difficult to treat. This isn’t hard to understand – while people know intellectually that anyone can be affected by bed bugs, there’s a sense of embarrassment that can prolong the period between bed bug discovery and making a call.

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