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New Jersey homeowners find guaranteed pest-control solutions when they choose Western. With 11 NJ pest control offices, Western has proven pest-control experience dating back to 1928. We also provide proven commercial pest-control solutions to clients throughout the tri-state area. Trust Western for your toughest pest challenges, from termites, ants, and to rodents and beyond.

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Special note: NJ stink bug cases are on the rise. Those that emerge in spring have probably overwintered in your home or business. Western can help prevent a repeat this spring.

Pest Talk with Western

Time and again, homeowners find themselves attempting to eliminate their pest problems with DIY methods found on the internet and through the use of risky chemicals. It is important to understand when it is time to call a professional, both for the safety of your home and the safety of those who live there. Western’s professionals follow EPA regulations and labels in order to keep your home pest-free and danger-free.

What is the impact of pest control on children and pets?
Most homes have pets, children or both, emphasizing the importance of professional pest control. All too often, DIY pest control attempts lead to the misuse or overuse of chemicals that introduce risk.

Everything we do is done appropriately and according to EPA and State regulations and labels. This isn’t always the case when homeowners try to do it themselves, and there’s a reason the industry is so heavily regulated. For example, we’ll focus on areas where pests actually reside, such as cracks, crevices and wall voids – an area where kids and pets won’t be.

Western holds every technician to the highest standards. We do drug screens, criminal background checks and DMV searches, and we conduct stringent interviews as part of our lengthy steps to hire.

What are the specific dangers of DIY pest control?
We sometimes see cases where people end up spending more time and money on DIY pest control attempts gone wrong than if they had just called a professional in the first place. There are instances where people have burned down their homes or harmed or killed others when using pest control materials and methods that they don’t understand.

Our industry holds employees to strict regulations and puts them through extensive training. There is a reason for that. Spraying along baseboards and the like is very outdated thinking, but some people think that’s what needs to be done in order to get control.

When is the best time to treat for stinging insects?
An understanding of the biology and behaviors of stinging insects is essential when it comes to safe and effective control of them.

Bee and wasp nests can be high up or underground and people often do not understand how and when to remove them. During the day, stinging insects forage for food, but they have a short temper when it’s hot and sunny. It’s better to do stinging insect control work early in the morning or at dusk or in the dark, when these insects are less likely to strike out in protection of their nests.

Usually, stinging insect control is best left up to the professionals in order to ensure the safest outcome.

Common Pest Issues in New Jersey:

Bed Bugs
German Cockroaches

New Jersey Updates

Termites Eye Shore Businesses

It’s a misconception that termites are only a residential problem. In reality, termites are one of the most destructive structural pests for businesses and residences alike, literally consuming buildings from within. They may be “out of sight, out of mind,” but if you let an infestation continue, the damages can add up, eating away at your bottom line.

In fact, termites cause $5 billion in damage in the U.S. annually, with the Eastern states especially vulnerable.

Business Intelligence: Termite Edition
The shore isn’t alone. Termites can be a business issue in any region.

  • Termites can ingest your business investment: Termites consume cellulose, found in abundance in the wood frame of your business.
  • They’re more than a nuisance: Termites may not pose customer-service or audit problems, but they make their presence known by way of:
    • Wood damage
    • Sheetrock degradation
    • Paint damage
    • Structural damage
  • Ignored problems only worsen: Once a termite colony finds a reliable source of warmth, water, and cellulose, they have little incentive to move on.
  • Termites are a year-round threat: While they swarm in spring, and may infest new structures, they cause issues throughout the year. The workers, the ones who consume wood, are continuous foragers looking for new sources of wood or other cellulose items.

Animal Removal Calls on the Rise in NJ

In recent months, Western has received numerous animal removal calls, especially for birds, raccoons, and squirrels. Animal removal can be a tricky procedure, so if you think you might have a squirrel in the attic or raccoon in the shed it’s wise to call a professional.

  • Raccoon removal: Raccoons are tenacious, and raccoon removal can be tricky. Often, homeowners need guidance on how to seal their trash and how to make simple home repairs that can keep them from getting in.
  • Bird removal: Roosting birds can cause damage both inside and out, and eliminating them often involves addressing the factors that attract them in the first place.
  • Squirrel control: Calls for squirrel control are increasing, and they’re prevalent throughout Western’s service area.

Leave animal removal to Western – no matter the season, we’re here to help you create a pest-free environment for your family.

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When it comes to residential and commercial pest control, you can rely on Western Pest Services to give your home or business the protection you deserve. Request a free inspection and let our company handle all your pest control needs, from termites and bed bugs to cockroaches and rodents. Our experienced team of pest protection experts provides great service you can depend on.