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Long Island is a 118-mile long island that consists of a central portion of suburban neighborhoods, plus state parks, sand dunes, expensive summer resorts, farms and wineries. While the more developed areas of the area typically experience pest pressures from cockroaches, ants and domestic rodents, mosquitoes are also problems during the warmer months of the year in and around the coastline and other aquatic environments that support mosquitoes. The Suffolk County Health Department reports that more than 50 species of mosquitoes are found on Long Island and of course their bites cause produce skin irritation. In addition, some of these mosquito species pose threats of mosquito transmitted viral diseases such as West Nile Virus and Zika virus.

Mosquitoes develop in water sources around homes and in water habitats such as wetlands, ponds, saltwater marches and drainage ditches Homeowners should be aware of the preventive measures they can take to reduce pest pressures from mosquitoes. In general, just about anything that reduces or eliminates water sources are worthwhile. Some specific examples include keeping birdbaths and fish ponds clean, draining or filling in areas of stagnant water, cleaning gutters and downspouts when needed and using a registered, health professional recommended insect repellent when mosquitoes are active.

Should these or other preventive measures turn out to be ineffective, it is wise to contact a professional mosquito management company near you such as Western Pest Services. They will send a certified mosquito management professional to your property to conduct an inspection, then prepare a mosquito management plan that will focus upon sources of mosquito development, procedures to eliminate water where mosquitoes are developing and using registered, approved insecticides to control both mature mosquito adults and immature mosquito larvae.
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