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We provide the Lehigh Valley with top-notch pest control.

Located one hour north of Philadelphia and 90 minutes west of New York City, the Lehigh Valley is the 69th largest metropolitan region in the United States. Its long-standing history, combined with its tremendous business growth, brings with it its own unique set of pest issues.

As one of the fastest-growing regions in Pennsylvania, the more people and businesses that find their way to this extremely attractive and popular area to live and set up shop, the more pests will be attracted to the area. Your home and business deserve a pest control company that has the experience and the expertise to deal with the most common pests that can plague the Lehigh Valley.

Whether you're in Allentown or Easton or anywhere in between, Western can help because we are the trusted pest control company near you.


Cockroaches tend to hang around in filthy places, picking up harmful bacteria as they crawl. Wherever they step, they can transfer that bacteria – no matter how clean your surfaces are. You need cockroach control that not only uncovers infestations but identifies their source. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies to not only get rid of them, but we will teach you what steps to take to ensure they don't return.


Mice and rats are known to directly or indirectly transmit 35 diseases, including Hantavirus, salmonellosis, and typhus. Also, their constant gnawing can cause serious structural and electrical damage to your business. We know that rats can fit through holes the size of a quarter and mice the size of a dime, so not only do we deal with any rodents that have already made their way into your building, but we install best practice exclusions and deterrents to try to keep them out in the first place.

Q: What are the most common pest issues that home and business owners face in the Lehigh Valley area?

A: Mice, roaches, bees, wasps, and, of course, the infamous Spotted Lanternfly.

Q: How do the seasons affect pest activity around the Lehigh Valley?

A: In the fall and winter, we always see an increase in mouse activity. So, it's important to be ready for that. In summer, especially late summer, there will be an increase in the Spotted Lanternfly as well as bees and wasps – all stinging pests, really! And, of course, those annoying mosquitoes!

Q: What are some common signs of pest activity around homes and commercial properties?

A: Bees and wasps buzzing around is certainly an indication. Seeing mouse droppings can be a sign of serious rodent activity in your home or business.

Q: When should property owners in the Lehigh Valley call Western Pest Services?

A: I'd say as soon as you notice any sort of pest activity, but, really, taking a proactive approach is always best. So, call today!

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