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Deer Mice Droppings

Signs of Deer Mouse Activity

Deer mice prefer to live in grasslands or forests. They will move into residential areas near parks, open fields, and wooded areas, too. However, a deer mouse may come indoors looking for meals or shelter, especially when the weather turns cold. You might have an issue if you notice evidence like nests or food caches as well as scattered nuts, seeds, or deer mouse droppings.

What Do Deer Mice Droppings Look Like?

Like most rodents, deer mouse droppings are about a quarter-inch or less in length. They are similar in size and shape to a grain of rice. Each pellet is dark-colored, smooth, and tapered at one end. You’re most likely to see deer mice droppings along floors, in cabinets, or near foundations.

Problems Caused by Deer Mice

These pests cause trouble for restaurants and supermarkets by contaminating food products with fur and deer mouse droppings. When creating their nests, the rodents destroy upholstery, mattresses, and clothing in homes, cabins, hotels, or warehouses. Deer mice chew on woodwork to file down their teeth, but the pests also gnaw on wiring, which can become a serious fire hazard.

The deer mouse is a vector for hantavirus. People typically contract this illness by inhaling airborne particles from an infected deer mouse’s droppings, urine, or saliva. Transmission often occurs when people clean vacant buildings and kick up dust while sweeping. Touching items or consuming food contaminated with the pests’ waste also spreads the virus.

Dealing with Deer Mice Issues

To deter deer mice from nesting indoors, repair any holes in building exteriors. The pests will gnaw around openings to make them large enough to get inside. Ensuring doors have a good seal when closed also helps exclude rodents from homes and businesses. If you notice deer mice droppings or other signs of infestation, contact Western Pest Services to get help.

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