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What Do Flies Eat?

The Fly Diet

What does a fly eat? Flies feed on a variety of different substances, and adult fly diets are often different from what their larvae need. For example, mature drain flies eat nectar and pollen but lay eggs in pipes so their offspring have moist, bacteria-laden organic debris to eat as they develop. On the other hand, protein is always a part of the blow fly diet, so the insects lay eggs in animal carcasses and rotted meat.
Picture of Cluster Fly what do flies eat and how do flies eat

Foods That Attract Flies

Like most pests, food sources entice some flies to come indoors. House flies can only ingest liquid and use their saliva to break down solids. The house fly diet varies from old vegetables and rancid hamburger in supermarket or restaurant dumpsters to garbage in trash bins and pet droppings in yards.

The fruit fly diet includes items commonly found in residential and commercial kitchens such as:

  • Beer and wine
  • Overripe bananas or tomatoes
  • Rotten potatoes or onions
  • Juice and vinegar

How to Deal with a Fly Problem

To avoid issues with house flies and other species, make sure window screens are in good repair and seal any cracks in walls. Clean drains with a wire brush, and be sure to pick up pet waste as well as grass clippings outdoors. Empty trash cans regularly and rinse out your recyclables, too. Also think about what do flies like to eat? Store produce in the refrigerator and discard foods that attract flies when they begin to spoil.

Despite their short lifespan, these insects reproduce rapidly. Populations can quickly get out of control. When fruit fly or house fly infestations become an issue in your home or business, contact Western Pest Services for assistance.

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