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Information on Rats and Mice

When handling a rodent infestation, having accurate, reliable information is key. Knowing the traits of rats and mice can help you identify problems quickly. Better yet, when you have all of the facts about rodents, you can take preventative measures to avoid issues in the future.

At Western Pest Services, we help to control rats and mice in homes and businesses across New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. In this blog, we provide rodent information covering everything from what rat poop looks like to how to tell the difference between a field mouse and a house mouse. We also offer tips for detecting rodent infestations and prevention.

Check out our blog for the rodent facts you need to keep your building free of these harmful pests. If you suspect you have a problem with mice or rats, the best way to protect your family, employees, and customers is to bring in a professional. When you’re ready to take action, call Western Pest Services to schedule a free inspection.

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