Pharmaceutical Pest Control

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Why Use Western® for Pharmaceutical Pest Control?

As you’re searching for the right pest control company for the pharmaceutical lab you manage, make sure you’re asking, “What else can you do for me?” That’s what sets Western apart. Your life will be made easier with our online customer portal that makes pest management simple – whether you manage 2 labs or 200. Find trends, monitor the treatments we have applied, pay invoices, review reports, and create solutions at your convenience. And with our Board Certified Entomologists and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you can be sure we’re treating for the right pest based on expert identification and will stand behind our work until you’re satisfied. Our dedicated personnel are here to make sure you are satisfied – but you don’t have to pay until you are. You will have a main point of contact to make sure your property is always running smoothly. To put it simply, we take care of all your pest issues so you always look good, your staff and vendors are always happy, and complaints are kept to a minimum. That’s the “more” you’ll get with Western.
  • Green Pro-certified, IPM pest control
  • Detailed logbooks
  • Experienced technicians
  • Rigorous QA inspections
  • GLP. GMP, and FDA inspection expertise

Pharmaceutical companies are held to strict standards to ensure customer safety, and one pest issue could cause a major problem for your business. That’s why Western technicians are trained on the unique requirements of the industry, and our dedicated QA team, including Board Certified Entomologists, will help you exceed all required standards and ace every audit. Our strategies include remote monitoring with our new cutting edge technology PestDetect™ program. This program is revolutionizing the way we look at commercial pest control in the pharmaceutical industry. And it’s not just keeping your medications safe – the packaging could be ruined by paper eating bugs. If you’re wondering what insects eat paper – think the very common pest, silverfish. In addition, we are also now able to disinfect your facility with our new treatment, Western PurClean™, bring you scenting services to help either neutralize foul odors in dumpster areas or add a pleasant scent to your building, and if you have floor drains in your building, we can keep them free of flies with bioremediation services.

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Birds, cockroaches, rodents and flies are common invaders of pharmaceutical facilities. These pests can contaminate products and risk consumer safety. Western’s Integrated Pest Management solutions help protect your company’s integrity—and your bottom line.

Pest Control in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical facilities are at risk of exposure and infestation from various pests, so integrated pest management is an important step to protecting your business and reputation. Pests can damage and contaminate products, storage rooms, and laboratory areas. However, the experts at Western Pest Services specialize in creating plans to prevent and mitigate these issues.

Common Pharmaceutical Pests

Mice and rats often invade pharmaceutical facilities and can cause several different problems. These rodents enter commercial buildings through small holes, cracks in foundations, and gaps around doors or windows. Both mice and rats can contaminate products and equipment with their fur, saliva, and waste. Rodents can also chew through wiring causing fire hazards and destroy containers and materials causing lost profits.

Cockroaches are common in the Mid-Atlantic region. These pests infiltrate pharmaceutical warehouses and facilities through places like floor drains and tend to hide in warm, damp areas. Cockroaches spread disease-causing bacteria on any surface they touch, making them harmful to pharmacy employees and customers alike.

Birds also pose a health hazard to your commercial pharmaceutical facility. Bird droppings can contain Salmonella bacteria, which can make workers ill and contaminate products. These flying pests also build nests that can clog drainpipes or block crucial ventilation systems. Additionally, bird feces defaces the sides of buildings and parking lots, which is unsightly for visitors and clients.

Entry & Prevention

Many pests in the Mid-Atlantic region enter pharmaceutical facilities through small holes, open doors or windows, and cracks in the building foundations to find food, shelter, and warmth. Western Pest Services offers pest control solutions for pharmaceutical businesses to help keep your company running smoothly and your reputation intact.

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“Western is a leader in pest control. In fact, Western’s supervisors are invited to all third-party audits and are permitted to deal directly with auditors. When audits occur, we expect a superior rating and Pest Control is always one of our strongest areas. We appreciate the service team at Western and rely on them extensively. You can count on them to help in any way.”

Rajul P., Quality Assurance Manager
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