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In both the residential and commercial markets, Western has helped keep Brick, NJ and the surrounding areas safe with fast and effective pest control. We keep your needs in mind, providing you with the specific solutions your home or business requires.-Paul Filardo, Branch Manager

Q&A with Branch Manager Paul Filardo

What are the most common pest issues that homeowners face in your area? Ants and termites are the most common pests in our area. How do the seasons affect pest activity in your area? Changes in weather will bring out pests. What are some common signs of pest activity around the home? Termite damage and termite swarmers coming out due to changes in weather. They look like flying ants. Ants are often found in kitchens and bathrooms of homes starting in the spring. Any pest prevention tips for residents in your area? Homeowners should have a full inspection from an experienced professional. Keep debris from around the home; leaves, sticks, and firewood should be at least 20 feet away from home. When should homeowners call Western? Now! When homeowners see any signs of pest activity, they should call Western immediately.

Brick Township Local Pest Pressure

The waterfront location of Brick, NJ, makes this township a perfect destination for tourists and pests. The area’s warmth, humidity, and access to water also bring pests to Ocean County. Ants and bed bugs cause trouble inside, while stinging insects may create issues for residents outdoors.


Though many ants enter homes in Brick to search for food, carpenter ants and some other species also nest in porches, walls, or floors. Limiting moisture indoors and cleaning regularly may prevent conditions that attract these pests. Even food spills, crumbs, or dirty dishes can bring an ant colony inside.

Bed Bugs

Tourism in Ocean County allows for the easy spread of pests like bed bugs. Hiding in the seams of luggage and clothing, these blood-sucking insects hitchhike across the country. They can be picked up in travel hubs like hotels, public transportation, and other areas where people frequent. Bed bug infestations can be tough to identify, and the pests multiply quickly.

Stinging Insects

Honey bees pollinate many key crops on New Jersey farms. However, wasps, hornets, and other types of stinging insects can be a nuisance. These pests build nests in, on, or near houses, leading to unpleasant encounters with people. A wasp or hornet will sting any intruder that threatens the colony’s safety.

More Ocean County Pests

Inland flood plains near Brick create a moist habitat that appeals to cockroaches, mosquitoes, and termites. Cockroach and mosquito infestations pose a health risk for residents, as the pests can spread diseases. Also common locally, termites eat away at support beams in homes from the inside. Infestations often go unnoticed until damage is severe.