Bed Bug Control

Don’t fear the bed bug. We have a solution.


Bed bugs are notoriously hard to detect and can be challenging to remove. They’re expert hitchhikers — hiding on luggage, clothing, upholstered furniture and bed frames. With Western®, we’ll discreetly help you eliminate these pests and get back to a good night’s sleep.

Canine Detection

Our team of highly-trained canines can sniff out bed bugs with impressive accuracy. Our bed bug canine team offers faster, more accurate detection and can lead to lower treatment costs by detecting bed bugs early on before a major infestation occurs. Learn more about our canine dogs here.

Proactive Solutions

Our proactive bed bug solution adds peace-of-mind and the proactive approach helps prevent an introduction from growing into an infestation. We’ll also treat cracks, crevices, and other common bed bug hiding spots to help prevent them from entering in the first place. Some hotels will even qualify for our Bed Bug Pro365™ treatment plan to help prevent the problem before it happens.

Heat Treatment

This eco-friendly treatment uses high levels of sustained heat to penetrate bed bugs in furniture, walls, and electronics. Heat treatment also helps eliminate bed bugs in hard-to-reach areas and can greatly help speed up the time to full elimination.

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Treatment Timeline

Before we begin, we’ll provide a series of bed bug treatment preparation steps, such as removing bedding. We’ll perform a thorough inspection to help us determine the best treatment for your unique needs. From there, bed bug elimination tactics are employed.

About 3 to 5 business days later, we’ll follow up to determine whether there is continued bed bug activity*. If no bed bug activity is found, your service is completed. If bed bug activity is found, we’ll schedule a re-inspection and re-treatment appointment.

*Heat treatment does not include a 3-to-5-day follow up appointment.


Having bed bug treatments done? Here’s a handy video to guide your residents through the 7 steps of preparing for one.

Why Western?

We’re passionate about bed bug control because it’s our neighborhood, too. With our vast service options of proactive canine monitoring, conventional treatments, heat treatments and full-elimination fumigation, we can handle even the toughest bed bug situation. We’ve been providing quality service to our local homes and businesses since 1928, and that’s experience you can trust.

24-Hour Response Time

Have an urgent need? No problem. Our team will respond within 24 hours of your call.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our service warranty states that we will continue supplying inspection and treatment until the problem is resolved. So, rest assured. With Western, you can Consider it Done.®

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“By far the most knowledgeable, efficient and ethical bed bug and rodent service I’ve dealt with. They returned my calls promptly, arrived on schedule and got the job done right.”

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