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Can Pest Control Be Green?

There has been a lot of talk about natural pest control, green pest control, and organic pest control. No matter what you call it, you need information about it from the experts to make an informed decision about it. You should know the difference between those words, what they mean, and why the concept seems to have gained popularity recently.

What’s Included in Green Pest Control Services?

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It may seem like green pest services is a new concept. The truth is Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has been around for years. Integrated Pest Management is using the pests’ biology and habits to prevent them from getting into your home in the first place. Sealing entry points to your home, using traps, and making recommendations on things you as the homeowner can do to prevent pests are just a few of the IPM strategies any good pest control provider should be using whether they are being green or not. Now that there are better, more effective green products available on the market, those can be added to the IPM strategies for a more well-rounded green home pest control program.

The most ideal type of natural pest control uses the natural biology of the pest to prevent it from your home. For example, making sure plant branches are not touching your house prevents ants from trailing into your home and properly sealing cracks and crevices can keep out mice.

Do Green Pest Control Products Work?

The short answer is yes. Green products work well against insect pests and help to reduce the future population that would otherwise be present without intervention. Green products have been known to not last as long, but trained technicians know where to apply these green products, so they last for as long as possible. For example, where they are less likely to be affected by rain and sunlight which will break down all products – whether they’re green or not!

Green home care does cost a bit more, but that’s because you get more. The number of services at your home increases to make sure the green products keep on working for you throughout the year. Make sure your pest control provider has their technicians go through the rigorous GreenPro certification process through the National Pest Management Association.

Green pest control is not recommended for one-time treatments. Part of the reason green pest control services work is because the green treatments are utilized throughout the year. Treating early in the season to reduce the insects around your home to prevent the next generation of pests to exclusion work like sealing holes, cracks, and crevices in and around your home at the end of the season to prevent rodents are all important components of this program. They all work better together rather than as a one-off.

Organic? Green? Natural? What’s the difference?

Organic products are made up of a list of ingredients that was developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for Organic certification for the food chain. Not all these ingredients work well or are designed for a home with pets and kids. When you’re striving to keep your family safe from pests while limiting your family’s contact with the products we use, green products will work the best.

A good definition of green products includes products that are botanically derived, baits that are low-risk due to their formulation, dusts that are desiccants (which means they will last indefinitely as long as they don’t get wet and can be blown into crevices away from people and pets), mechanical traps, and – most importantly – exclusion and sanitation recommendations to prevent pests from being drawn to your home.

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Natural pest control would use natural, botanical products as well as products that are effective and low risk based on the location of placement and formulation. So, natural isn’t all that different than green. While the difference between organic, natural, and green can be confusing, we think you’ll agree that as a homeowner you’re looking for a program that will help prevent pests from your home, keep your kids and pets safe from these pests, and reduce your impact on the environment. Whether you call it natural, organic, or green – that’s all you want from it.

Pests can cause major health issues for our pets and for us including diseases transmitted by cockroaches, ticks, mosquitoes, rats, and mice. The risk of having these pests is much higher than the risk of having pest control done at your home. Utilizing Integrated Pest Management in order to reduce the number of products needed in the first place is important but if your pest issue does need products, they can be used at a very low percentage targeted to the smaller size of the pests you’re looking to control. The amount needed to take care of an ant is tiny compared to a dog or human. So as long as you are using a reputable pest control company near you that is only using the necessary amount, even if you aren’t using green products, you can rest easy. The ultimate goal – being pest free safely.

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