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Carpet Beetle Life Cycle

Illustration of Carpet Beetle Larvae

Carpet Beetle Life Cycle

Houses and businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic are home to carpet beetles. Drawn to natural fibers like wool, leather, and animal hair, these insects can cause serious damage when left unchecked. The black, varied, common, and furniture carpet beetle are widespread and share similar life cycles.


If you have an infestation, the first step is to understand where carpet beetles lay eggs. These pests prefer warm areas like inside ductwork, along baseboards, or in hotel linen closets. The carpet beetle life cycle starts with white eggs that are smaller than a grain of salt. They usually hatch in one to two weeks. They then become carpet beetle larvae.


Carpet beetle larvae are carrot-shaped and between one-eighth to a quarter-inch long. This destructive stage lasts from a few months to two years, during which they molt several times. These pests have a big appetite, and they’ll eat most organic materials, including dead insects, pet fur, and feathers.


When a carpet beetle reaches the end of its carpet beetle larval stage, it pupates in its final skin. This development typically occurs in the spring, and it can last for six to 24 days before the adult emerges. Carpet beetles remain inactive over the course of this process, hidden behind wood trim and in unused clothing or blankets.


Once mature, carpet beetles lay eggs and attempt to fly outside in search of pollen. At this point in the carpet beetle life cycle, the fully-grown insect ranges in color from dark brown to black. This pest is about the size of a piece of rice with an oval shape. Adults live between several weeks and a couple of months.

Problems with Carpet Beetle

Understanding carpet beetle life cycles can help you recognize the extent of an infestation. For example, finding adult beetles on your windowsill can be a sign that there are carpet beetle larvae in your home. If you have carpet beetles, contact Western Pest Services and speak to a professional today.

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