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Employee Spotlight: Stephen Swanson

Our employees take pride in working for Western Pest Services. They are passionate about their jobs and truly believe in creating a partnership with the customers and communities they serve. And we love them too! Putting a spotlight on them is just one way to thank them for being such an important part of the team.

Q: What’s your name?
A: Stephen Swanson… Everyone calls me Swanny.

Q: And what is your official title at Western Pest Services?
A: Branch Manager for the Mountainside location.

Q: What are your responsibilities?
A: I manage the day-to-day responsibilities of the branch such as safety, sales, service, and production.

Q: What year did you start working at Western?
A: 2014

Q: How many years have you been working in this industry?
A: 6

Q: What is your education background?
A: DeVry Technical institute for a brief stint many moons ago and then on to Brown University for 22 years… AKA – UPS. Lol! There was a lot of training over the span of my career at UPS. Such a great company to learn about managing people and processes.

Q: Do you have any relevant certifications or specialties?
A: I am looking to get my Perdue Certificate in 2021 and additional pest license categories.

Q: Have you received any relevant awards?
A: Most improved auto accident frequency 2017.  Currently lead the region in GPS safety results and currently leading the region in tech sales.

Q: Are there any interesting projects you’ve worked on that you’d like to include?
A: We are starting to really get involved in the management and understanding of stored product pests at some of our food processing accounts with the teamwork and involvement of our Regional Board Certified entomologist, Nic Ellis.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to include?
A: We have spent a lot of time working on the quality of our logbooks at our pharmaceutical, food processing, and other highly regulated accounts. With Covid-19 affecting the world as we know it, a lot of third party audits at our customers were postponed and are starting up again. We take a lot of pride in how we service these accounts and the quality of the logbooks that are such an important part of these audits.

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