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Beyond the Hotel Gym: Ideas to Take Your Fitness Center to the Next Level

As a hospitality professional, you know keeping up with consumer trends is necessary in our growing digital world. With social media influencers, real-time travel reviews and the urge to make every visit “Instagram-able,” keeping up with expectations can be challenging. Hotel gyms and fitness amenities are one aspect of guest experience that hoteliers are having to re-imagine as the wellness industry continues to boom. Even when just traveling for business, 48% of people say that a wellness space is “very important” when selecting a hotel.

But today’s guests are looking for more than your run-of-the-mill hotel gym. In fact, travelers are increasingly choosing where to stay based on the fitness center and amenities offered—from modernized fitness rooms with a view to guest rooms designed around fitness. Guests expect to maintain their exercise routine during their stay, while also experiencing workouts in new and luxurious ways. Consider the following ideas for providing memorable fitness opportunities at your property:

Provide In-Room Fitness Experiences

Exercising in the comfort of your own room is an amenity many hotels around the world are beginning to

offer their guests. Equipment such as yoga mats, hand weights and resistance bands are small but convenient additions to a guest’s stay. A variety of hotels are even providing sophisticated workout experiences in hotel rooms, such as high-end cycle bikes, in-wall personal trainers and workout-friendly flooring. Whether you design rooms centered on fitness or simply provide equipment on-demand, your guests will appreciate the ability to workout in comfort and privacy.

Consider Group Fitness Classes

Another way to improve your hotel’s gym amenities is by providing group exercise classes. If you have the space, on-property yoga, Zumba or kickboxing classes allow guests to maintain their fitness goals while interacting with other guests. Consider bringing in beloved local instructors from a variety of workout classes to accommodate every type of active guest. If you don’t have a studio-style room, or if you just want to increase your variety, outdoor fitness activities—such as group runs and pool water aerobics—are also enticing fitness opportunities.

Partner with Boutique Exercise Studios

If you don’t have the space to accommodate group exercise classes, consider partnering with a local boutique exercise studio. There are many niche workout studios, such as cycle brands and barre classes, that have gained popularity in recent years. Offering these high-end classes at a discounted rate will help accommodate guests looking to experience workouts like a local.

With the fitness industry continuing to grow each year, it behooves hospitality professionals to improve their gym and wellness-inspired amenities. Thankfully, there are a variety of creative ways to do this. Just remember, higher gym traffic and new fitness supplies provide additional spaces for bed bugs to hide. Make sure your housekeeping staff remains vigilant in inspecting in-room equipment, gym towel racks and other upholstered items for unwelcome visitors so that you can keep your focus on providing a top-notch fitness experience.

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