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How Long Do Fruit Flies Live

Lifespan of a Fruit Fly

Fruit flies are tiny nuisances that consume decaying food and garbage found around homes, schools, supermarkets, and restaurants. Like most insects, these pests undergo different developmental stages throughout their lives.

how long do fruit flies life what is the lifespan of a fruit fly and the fruit fly life cycle


The fruit fly life cycle begins with an egg. Females lay small, white eggs, five at a time, on the soft surfaces of decaying materials found in drains, sinks, and trash cans.

Larvae & Pupae

Fruit fly eggs hatch within a day or so and produce cream-colored larvae. These maggots immediately start feeding on the decaying matter that surrounds them. After five days of eating overripe fruits and rotten garbage, the larvae adhere to a dry surface near a food source when they’re ready to pupate.


The final stage in the lifespan of a fruit fly is the adult phase. Within 48 hours, pupae transform into winged flies that can reproduce. The adult pests have light-colored bodies that become darker over time.

How Long Do Fruit Flies Live?

The time it takes for fruit flies to mature changes depending on environmental factors. When temperatures are high, the insects can complete their entire life cycle in 8 to 10 days. While these pests can cause issues for residents and business owners year-round, the most common infestation period is during warm summer months.

Females can deposit hundreds of eggs over the course of the short fruit fly lifespan. Having even a few of these insects in your home can quickly lead to a major issue. If you’re experiencing a fruit fly or any fly problem, contact us online or call our team of experts at Western Pest Services.

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